resources-network-directory-by-wearethecityOur Resources Directory is new and is designed to provide a self service model for all network owners and coaches. We will be adding more resources over time.  In the meantime here are some of the most frequently asked questions to help you navigate our system.


How do I claim my network or directory placement?

Simply register an account, select the network you wish to claim,  this will send a message to us to check and verify you are the owner of the directory post and we will issue you ownership rights.  From there you are able to edit, upload images, details and videos to your directory placement.

How comes my network is located in London?

We had to place networks in a general area, once you can edit the directory (or tell us) we will place your network in the right location with the right reach you have.

Why do networks have a location?

We felt it was a challenge for members and users to find operating networking groups near where they live or work. If you have a network in Manchester or Leeds, women should be able to find these.

Why do you ask for my location?

We want to try and create a user experience that is more useful for the user. Our UX is geo-locating you to your location to show and highlight networks in your area.

How do I add my network and does it cost?

Adding a network is easy and free to add.  We will check and verify that the details are correct but you can follow our guide on how to upload and edit your Network here

Why are you allowing people to rate our networks?

We thought if you members have something good to say and to highlight the fantastic work you are doing they should be given the opportunity to tell the world and encourage others to join.  We do moderate all reviews and comments to try and reduce any comments not deemed appropriate.

Why have you moved this to a seperate website, I liked it on WeAreTheCity.com?

Essentially you are still on WeAreTheCity, but now part of the WATC Network.  We decided that to make the user experience more intuitive and informative we should move to a new platform to enable growth and ease of use.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us here